Maalderij Roosens

organic bread flours
bakery flours

Afortiori grew out of a flourishig collaboration between the milleries De Winter and Roosens in 1999. Both are long-standing medium-sized milleries in the Province of Antwerp.

By fabricating bakery flours to measure, AFORTIORI succeeded in presenting an optimal service to the baker. AFORTIORI intended to be competitive in the range of organic bread-flours.

That is why the Molens Verbruggen, known for their organic gamma, have been taken over in 2003.

In 1991 Molens Verbruggen decided to supplement the traditional productrange with a complete set of organic flour. Thus Molens Verbruggen can rightly be considered to be in the forefront of the organic trend in Belgium. A couple of years later EU initiatives resulted in an own regulation for organic agriculture.

Hence all persons or companies involved in the production of an organic end product, must be controlled by a control body, certified by the Ministry of Agriculture. Molens Verbruggen are submitted to control by BLIK, an affiliate of INTEGRA (www.blik.be / E-mail: info@blik.be). Thus we are entitled to label all our end products organic and to use the "biogarantie«-label".

From 2004 onwards, Molens Verbruggen concentrate on the production of organic flour only. The range of traditional bakery flour has been integrated in the catalogue of AFORTIORI.